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K2View Fabric and CVE-2021-44228, Log4Shell

As you are probably aware a serious vulnerability in the Apache Log4j library has emerged that enables remote code execution by crafting a specialized log message.

K2View has analyzed the threat as it applies to the Fabric platform: the Fabric itself, Apache Cassandra and Confluent Kafka. Our assessment is that all Fabric versions are not affected by this vulnerability!

Click here to learn more about it.


TDM 7.3 is Certified with Fabric 6.5.3

TDM 7.3 has been certified with Fabric 6.5.3. In addition, the TDM library has been fixed. Fix the overridden parameters validations in the start task API:

  • It is possible to assign an individual TDM user to a specific TDM environment role, regardless of the group (Fabric role) to which he belongs. For example, the user is assigned to a TDM environment role which limits the user to select fewer entities in the task than the TDM environment role that corresponds to his group.
  • Previously, the check for the limited role did not work well. For example, before this fix, an individual user whose group TDM environment role allowed him to run a task on 10 entities, but was assigned a specific TDM environment role of only 5 entities, was still allowed run a task with 10 entities. This has been fixed, and now the user in this example is only allowed to select 5 entities when running a task.


The Fabric 6.5.3 Official Release

We have just released Fabric 6.5.3, which includes the following enhancements:

  • A new advanced batch monitoring screen is available on the Web Admin application.
  • A new Fabric BI application has been introduced.
  • Broadway - usability improvements plus new actors have been introduced.
  • Allows the implementers to set a standard payload response structure to any Fabric Web-Service exception, regardless of the cause.
  • Multiple common/schema files.

See the Release Notes for the full list.