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The TDM 8.0 Official Release

TDM 8.0 has just been released and it includes many exciting features:

  • Rule-Based Synthetic Data Generation .
  • Integration of the TDM Portal with Broadway Web Editors.
  • TDM portal: Task creation/update enhancements.
  • Task execution enhancements: adding a link to the Batch Monitor window for additional information and a better tracking.
  • Masking improvements, bug fixes.

See the Release Notes and Upgrade Procedure to TDM 8.0 for the full list.


The Fabric 7.1 Official Release

Fabric 7.1 has just been released and it includes the following:

  • MTable - an object created in the Fabric memory upon the deployment, from a CSV file, to keep reference data as part of the Fabric project and to enable a fast in-memory data lookup at run-time.
  • Broadway now supports physical folders, the flows can be tagged and more. In addition, a whole new set of Data Generation and Masking actors have been provided.
  • Fabric now supports integration with various external Secret Manager providers.
  • Reference tables backup and restore is now supported, which enables fast synchronization of the reference tables data to a newly joined node and more.
  • Graphit search capabilities have been extended, including finding a text within closed nodes.

See the Release Notes and Upgrade Procedure to 7.1 for the full list of features and fixes.


The Fabric 7.0.1 Official Release

We have just released Fabric 7.0.1, which includes the following:

  • Code improvement and minor bug fixes in Broadway, Graphit, Common, iidFinder and integration with AWS keyspaces.

  • Enhancements to PubSub: the publisher and subscriber UserCode methods can now receive a Kafka interface name, a PubSub interface name or a PubSub section name. In addition, offset was added to the in-memory broker.

  • Batch performance improvement comparing to V7.0.

  • Elasticsearch driver has been upgraded to V8.5.3.

See the Release Notes and Upgrade Procedure to 7.0 for the full list.