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Fabric Upgrade Procedure

Planning to upgrade your Fabric to the current version?

We have provided the Upgrade Procedure document under the Knowledge Base -> Release Notes page which describes:

  • How to upgrade Fabric to the present V6.4.2 version.

  • How to reimplement the modified product features.

Note that it is a must to perform the Fabric upgrade procedure in the testing environments prior to applying it on your production deployment.


Implementation Best Practices

Looking for the Fabric Implementation Best Practices?

We have included it under the Knowledge Base > Best Practices page where you can find various tips, tricks, and recommendations when working with Fabric, divided into relevant categories, such as:

  • LU and Tables
  • Broadway
  • Cassandra
  • Security

And more…


The Fabric 6.4.2 Official Release

We have just released Fabric 6.4.2. Some of the major enhancements of this release are listed below. All the details can be found in the Release Notes:

  • Added the delta_recycle command that recycles transactions failed in the delta PARTITION mode and should be recycled to Kafka after deploying the fixed code.
  • When iidFinder is in the delta PARTITION mode, priority instances are now handled in the same topic/job as other instances that are not in priority.
  • Added an optimization mechanism to ensure a better balancing of jobs within a Fabric cluster.
  • A new interface type was introduced for SSH.
  • Added the ability to run the get command in parallel from different LU types and to be able to run a merged query on the same session.